12in1 Challenge FAQ

What is the challenge about?

I’ll be running 12 marathons in one year to raise funds for cancer research. Read this post for the reasons why I’m doing this.

How can I donate?

All the fundraising will be done via the Can Too foundation. Visit my page at http://www.cantoo.org.au/fundraisers/AndreCarvalho to donate.

Where and when are the races?

The marathons will be a mix of official events and non-official runs around the Canberra region measured by my GPS watch. At this point I’m still at the planning stage. I already have some triathlons races scheduled, so I’ll have to fit the marathons around these events. Check the Events Calendar page for more details.

Can I join you in one of the marathons?

Most definitely! Running by myself the full distance is going to be challenging. So, if you want to make me company for a few (or many) kilometers, let me know. I’ll be announcing the course a couple of weeks before the “race” day.


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