Marathon 6: race preview

It is quite exciting to be reaching the halfway mark. Yes, the sixth marathon is only three days away! It is going to be the third marathon in Canberra and for the third time I’ll be climbing Mount Majura and Mount Ainslie. This time the climbs will be part of the Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon, which I’ll be racing in a team of three together with Ben and Perry.

Here is a snapshot of the race:

Leg 1: Swim 1.5 km (Lake Ginninderra)
Leg 2: Mountain Bike 35 km (Black Mountain and Bruce Ridge)
Leg 3: Run 20 km (Mt. Majura/Mt. Ainslie)
Leg 4: Swim 3.5 km (Lake Burley Griffin)
Leg 5: Mountain Bike 40 km (Arboretum/Mt. Stromlo/Cooleman Ridge)
Leg 6: Run 12 km (Mt. Taylor)
Leg 7: Swim 1.2 km (Lake Tuggeranong)
Leg 8: Mountain Bike 24 km (Mt. Waniassa/Mt. Stanley)
Leg 9: Run 13 km (Red Hill)

Ben will do all the rides, Perry legs 4, 6, and 9, and I’ll do the first and last swims and the first run. You may be wondering where the marathon is. Well, after the 20km run I’ll add extra kilometers to make up for the marathon distance. Here is what it will look like:


Top: map of the first run leg of the Triple Tri. Bottom: The extra run that will add up to the marathon distance (here is the link to a detailed map). You’re welcome to join me at any part of the second half of the marathon.

The second part was planned to have options for people wanting to join me for different distances. I’ll start near the Boat House, cross Kings Ave bridge and follow the Lake towards Weston Park. After a loop around the Park, I’ll head back , turn left at Commonwealth bridge and do the loop between the two bridges. A good chance for those looking for a short 5 km run. After this loop, I’ll turn left towards the Acton Ferry terminal where Ben should have parked my car after his first bike leg 😉 . There is the option to run to the National Museum and back in case the distance is still under 42.2 km at that point.

Remember my policy: I’ll run at the pace of the slowest person in the group. So if you want to run all, or just part of it, let me know so that we can organise paces and distances.


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