Triple Edge endurance triathlon and marathon 7: race preview (part 2)

In the first post about marathon 7 preview, I described how I got into the idea of running my December marathon by adding extra kilometers to the Triple Edge Long Distance Tri. Now, with just a few days before the event, I’m feeling at the same time excited and dreaded. I’ve done a few Olympic distance triathlons but that is it, nothing longer than that. I’ve been consistent with my swimming training over the winter and comfortable with this leg of the race. By now, after 6 marathons, I’m also quite confident with the running distance. However it is a completely different story with the ride, the bike has always been my weakest leg in a triathlon race. Here is the course map for the race


Official bike course.

and the official description from the race organisers.

I still don’t know what damage the 120km effort on the bike will do to my running but I’m focusing on the positive side:

  1. I know many parts of the course quite well because it is on my commuting to work route.
  2. I did an 85 km ride on Saturday followed by a 11 km run and I felt really well and relatively fast.
  3. I have a new bike 🙂

I guess I have no more excuses.



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