Triple Edge endurance triathlon and marathon 7: race preview (part 3)

After the swim and the bike legs, it is finally time for a preview of the run part of the Triple Edge Endurance Triathlon and marathon number 7. The actual race consists of 3 laps of 10 km starting from the transition at Ronds Terrace, going up the Parliament House and then back. Here is the map:

T3X Run Map Revised-website

Run course for the Triple Edge Endurance triathlon: 3 laps of 10km

In my case, to complete the December marathon, I’ll be finishing the race and going for an extra lap. In fact, an extra lap and a half to complete 45km. Brad Allen from Triple Edge put the logistics in place: after finishing the official race, I’ll go through an opening in the enclosed recovery area to continue my run, and I’ll also have access to the aid stations in the extra 15km.

The weather forecast is looking good. After a Friday with strong winds that made the TryStars race (7 to 10 yrs) turn into a run-bike-run, Sunday promises to be a mostly sunny day with light winds and a top temperature of 28oC.

Less than 24 hours to the race. Remember the reasons why I’m doing this, donate to Can Too, and help fight cancer!



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